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Friday, January 25, 2013

Goa Carnival 2013

Yesterday I got an opportunity to attend  the "Goa Carnival 2013" press conference in Mumbai at InterContinental.

Present out there were 2 prominent leaders from Goa Tourism namely -

  • Shri Dilip Parulaker (Honb. Minister of Goa Tourism)
  • Mr. Nikhil Desai (MD of Goa Tourism Department)

The duo was quite well prepared for the questions from Journos and other people from Media.

About Goa Carnival 2013 - is mainly done to promote tourism in Goa in off seasons. The ministry wants more people to visit Goa even after the months of December and January where Goa is jam packed and prices shoot up because of more demand than supply. So the ministry wants people to come to the state throughout the year and enjoy Goa at nominal rates.

The carnival starts on 9th Feb and ends on 12th Feb. One can find more details about the carnival on their official website -

I was accompanied by Kuldeep from and Rakesh who blogs at AlmostSunday. I met a few known and unknown faces as well.

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  1. It sure was wonderful to catch up with yourself, Kuldeep and Khushbu. Thanks much for the opportunity; enjoyed it very much!