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Friday, October 12, 2012

What has blogging given to me?

I have been blogging since mid of 2007 and came to know about wordpress by mid 2008. No sooner than I shifted to wordpress.

The first blog which I started for a fun magazine - a collection of funny gif images. Then I started to blog about the Indian Stock Markets and later some where in the beginning of 2009 I started with the India Business Blog - !

Squamble first of all kept me updated with the latest updated on India Business Buzz. I started becoming more alert and sensitive on Business News. It thought me how to think from various angles. It helped me connect with various entrepreneurs and readers who love to read about Business.

The story is not yet over! I have set a few targets for my blog and working towards achieving them :)

BTW - This post I have written as I would be attending the Word Camp in Mumbai on 20-21 Oct 2012. If your are coming down there lets connect! 

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  1. Gimme more... I'm sure there is more that you wanted to write but didn't... so, maybe later, but do write a complete post.

    Arvind Passey