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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My PC gets repaired! And now I hate Moksh Computers...

In October first week my computer shut down!!

I call a person to repare it he tells me there are various issues with the hardware.
My motherboard was not working. I send it for replacement and these MSi fellas took their own time (15 days) and later handed over the motherboard to me. But yeh, thankfully they repaired it.
Later on we realized there is an issue with my DDR 3 RAM so I send that too for replacement and it took me 15 days more to come!! All thanks to some stupid company named "Simmtronics".

Now my computer is up! Thanks to the guy who fixed it..

Well I would like to say that:
Never trust any one who say this is the best company for computer hardware. Do your own research. I regret why I didn't do it :(

I was fooled by Moksh Computers (Malad, Mumbai) he gave me motherboard which I had never ever heard before - MSi. More over he gives me RAM of Simmtronics which I guess no one from you'll must have heard earlier.

To conclude I would like to say:
Buy well known computer parts.
Never Trust any one.
Do your own research!!

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